Technology is rapidly
changing how we move.

Technology is rapidly changing how we move.

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Transportation Technology Strategy


LADOT’s Transportation
Technology Strategy

Los Angeles is leading the way for 21st Century mobility – setting a bold path for the future and inviting developers, planners, and academics to build and innovate with us. Our Transportation Technology Strategy serves as a guide for how we use new technologies to provide transportation safety, happiness, sustainability, and equitable access for all of us.


Urban Mobility in a Digital Age

Putting ideas into motion.

From introducing electric car sharing programs to using data to manage e-scooter implementation, LADOT is piloting and testing technology projects to create an approach where everyone benefits from innovation.


LADOT’s Technology Action Plan

Code is the New Concrete

Building the future of mobility together.

LADOT is developing digital urban infrastructure to help guide the movement of people and goods. These new tools give Los Angeles a digital approach to actively manage the public right-of-way and help to govern how private mobility service providers (such as e-scooter or rideshare companies) operate in our city in real time.

LADOT’s open development approach is designed so that others benefit from what we’re building and can easily collaborate with us to make it even better.

The Mobility Data Specification

Turning data into action.

In October of 2018, LADOT implemented our first set of data specifications and data sharing requirements to focus on shared dockless mobility modes, such as dockless e-scooters and bikes.

Called the Mobility Data Specification (MDS), MDS allows the City to engage in real time with mobility service providers about a variety of data such as how many vehicles are in use or where vehicles are at all times. Today, LADOT is using this improved data flow to actively manage dockless scooters, bikes, taxis, and buses. Tomorrow, this could be autonomous cars, drones, and whatever else the future holds.


Mobility Data Spec Overview


Mobility Data Specification